The ultimate box packing experience - Work as a humble factory worker in the Packing Co.  shipping warehouse, folding boxes to inch capitalism forward!

Make sure to meet your quotas within the time limit, or else you'll be at risk of losing your job and being replaced by a packing robot!

Packing boxes gets more and more complex with more and more requirements as the game goes on, will you be able to make it to the end and receive a promotion?

Made in  48 hours for One Mechanic Game Jam 3

Recommended Browser: Google Chrome


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Any Chance I could get the source code?
I really liked the Game Idea and would like to continue the game, since you certainly had no intention to continue it as it was made in 48 hours for a Jam.

Hey, great game, I wanted to let you know that, at least for me, it drops input on the arrow keys a lot when I'm going fast. I've gotten to the first stamps level and these are the only keys I've noticed doing it. Also, you can just hit all three stamp buttons instead of matching to the color

That said, this is really good! You've kept me playing for half an hour and iv'e thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. Hope to see you in the next jam.


Okay so I really liked the game, so much that I even got PROMOTED. Yes, I am that good. I think is quite polished actually for a 3 days jam. Maybe, and this is on a personal note, I would have reduced the number of boxes to pack, becuase it can get a little bit tedious. Awesome game, nontheless. Congrats!

Thanks! At risk of sounding the opposite of humble, I'm also really happy with how polished the final product ended up being too. If I had more time, I definitely would have put a really good amount of that into just sitting down and working out good values for the timer limits and box quotas for each level though. Thanks for playing and enjoy your promotion!